Guilty Crown

Sooo heyyy few days haven’t blog, woo i got 4 views 🙂 well actually i don’t need tons of views cz i make this blog just for sharing something hehe..

well I’ve watched then Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン, Giruti Kuraun) and so far it’s a good anime and i LOOOVE the action so bad! so this anime is about Japan on 2039 who’ve been infected by a virus on christmas eve called “Apocalypse Virus” spread all over Japan and it happens on christmas so known as the “Lost Christmas” ya la because it happen on 25 Decemeber when everybody is celebrating christmas but then the chaos come so they lost their christmas (so sad T^T) and so here’s a guy called “Ouma Shu” he got some massive ability hidden that he can draw out some tools or weapons from another person called “voids” oh and if the voids are broken the person will die (Imagine if you can do those thing, if there’s someone who annoy you you can break their voids and they die in a second }:) *smirk*) hahahah JOKES! cannot kill people okay, that’s very bad! *wise word from Amanda* oh back to the anime, so Shu meet a girl name “Inori Yuzuriha” who will be Shu weapon “she is the BEST weapon and power if you watch at episode 20” Shu have a big sister name “Ouma Mana” she is the first found of the meteorite that had the “Apocalypse Virus”. She was infected by the virus and she started developing her powers. moreover just watch the Anime it’s pretty cool 🙂 it got 22 episodes in it, you can watch episode 1 – 7 in here and the episode 8 and + you can watch in Enjoy! 🙂


Rate :  4.6/5



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