First Time Part-Time Job

So today I went out working as part-time by giving out flyers around the Orchard Cineleisure and Marina Gallery, It was the worse decision I ever made T_T aaarhh. So I thought it might be fun and easy to do it but.. I was wrong! it’s not! it’s hard like !@#$ because I’m only supposed to targeting young females ONLY and tbh, well they’re not friendly at all! I was just waiting in there and wanted to come near them but  i feel like   most of them i would say 70% are quite ignorant and arrogant 😦  I mean it’s okay you can just say no but no need to act so cocky around, damn.. I also ask for the time at some people, i ask a girl and she just look at her hand and walk passed *man.. you’re that arrogant?*    is telling me the time will kill you? sigh.. I left my phone in my bag so I can’t see the time, and I was drop dead tired due to my lack of sleep, I work for 3 hours from (1 pm – 4:15 pm) that I thought it’s already 5 hours -_- it was very very tiring cz you gotta go around the street and give the flyers and talk, they can crumble it or throw it or do whatever they want, who cares? please.. just take it and end my suffer! It’s actually fun if you have friends around you.. but when you do it alone “It’s NEVER fun” ;-; so I was quite tired as the sun is the strongest around 1 – 3 pm and the glare! well I don’t really sweat that easily but it’s hot! my skin like burning, I can’t go black my mom will kill me!  the pay is supposed to be $6/hour and she ended giving me $17 + scolded by telling me to give it faster, i mean “hello? i’m only supposed to target young females but most of them are quite cocky and they just walk pass nor reject it” if she’s the one who do it, she will know how hard to give those “mean-arrogant-girls” some flyers.. really == they got “no-attitude-whatsoever” yeah they might think my job is low class but i don’t care how they see it, i just keep smiling and be happy abt it although i’m not that happy -,- but you know I saw this 1 young guy who also giving out flyers but he got a big team everywhere! I was staring at him for quite many times   he was wearing pink shirt with everybody else, I’m not sure what is the logo on their shirt == i forgot damn.. gyah I really really want to know that cute guy! >:o and there were many many manyyyy cute guys around!    hahaha a girl after all x) ahh if i can just approach and say hi and be friends woah so dreamy~ I should make friends outside than school 😐 somebody want to tell me how? maybe approaching the same race is quite easy .. maybe -,- but approaching different race is.. hard maybe? I’m not stereotype nor racist.. I wanna be mates with everybody with everyone, but well not everybody is the same, gahh I swear in my life (I’m not supposed to swear) that I will never ever ever EVER handing out flyers if I’m alone ._. neverrrrr


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