LT Pro Eyeliner

Hi hii ^_^/ ho ho ho today I’m going to give a review about this eyeliner I bought a month ago, called LT Pro Eyeliner.


I bought this at Metro in Ciputra World (Surabaya) for Rp. 67.500 that’ll be around (SGD $7 or $8) depending on the currency flow. Why I bought this instead of others? Because it’s cheap? Because of sponsors? Because somebody hypnotised me? Gyaahaha no guys! That will be wrong, I bought this because I’ve tried it once at my mate’s house when we’re getting ready for my mate’s sweet seventeen and it was the best eyeliner I’ve tried for this year, tbh I’m not that good in make up and everytime I did the eyeliner it always failed, I often painted my own eyeball! 😡 I never really fancy them ever since, you could say, I despised them but I really really wanted to use ’em nicely on my eyes, gosh imperfect love between me and eyeliner. But once I started to learned how to draw a good line or how to match it with my eyes, I fell, in love ❤ I tell you what, I’m a person who always research almost everything before I bought or do or whatever it is. (you know for safety and cautious of any kind of troubles or miserable thing that will might come up front)


And this how it looks like (sorry if it isn’t that well, I told you, I’m not good)


The reasons why I loveee this product, is because they don’t smudge! I hate when eyeliners goes smudgey on my eyes, and i looked like a total zombie. Oh, and it’s waterproof too! But of course it took time for the liquid to dry up, not too long but also not that fast. Do not forget that this eyeliner is not oil-proof, so for those who got easily oily eyelids, better be careful of using them. And let me tell you that this product also got their flaws, after using this eyeliner, I noticed that they could flake off, not in a great amount but after a few hours or if you rub your eyes (accidentally! Woops, that’s-so-me) you could check on the mirror that there’s some tiny dots like dandruff? (small flakes) I know haha dandruff on your eyes! 😀 that came off from your eyeliner across your bottom eyelids, it’s not that really that noticeable from a distance but if you look closely, there you could see the flakes. It’s not really a big deal for me of course, but I suggest you go to the toilet to re-apply or just clean the residue off.

Pros :

Cons :
They flake off 😦

But overall i love this product, and I would rate this a

Will i purchase this product again?
Sure, until I found the one 🙂

See you guys on the next post!


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