Sooo excited!!

Sooo excited!!

So this is my face when it’s nearly school days! haha lol right? i know.. but it’s just sooo exciting! the feeling in your stomach, the goose bumps on your skin, the ecstatic feeling inside is like WOO! hahaha 7 days left ^_^y



applying to TMC Academy

So today i have the entrance test for my new school in TMC Academy, actually my aunt only wants to put me on the English full-time course, but well haha guess what? i get the Intermediate C ! hahaha the feeling omg can’t express it in words gosshhh i’m so happy! no no not happy, OVERJOYED! lol okay okay, and well here’s the officer her name is Evelyn, very pretty and kind, well i still didn’t know the result yet, so, let’s just see in future. She told me to take the Psychometric test (some IQ test) woa idk if i can pass lol. A haha first time entering the school hall, i felt something chilling through my skin woo i don’t even know why, maybe too nervous? or what? idk :/ ahaha I sat down looking at the papers and looking at the time while they only gave me 1 hour to solve 60 questions, well, left 10 questions so I just do it randomly ’cause the time has ended (It’s better filled than blank I guess). So, I went out from the office to drink the water fountain and headed to the toilet, looking at the mirror.. omg 😮 can I pass? or maybe i will fail 😦 so scary for sure, it’s like you’re waiting for your graduation, graduate or not. Ahaha though i’m feeling a bit fine after looking at my new NIKE shoes hehe I love branded sport things :3 it just looked so cool! Haha anw after day by day i’ve wait until today 13 June, Evelyn called me and say,

  1. Eve   : “Well… “
  2. Me    : “Yeah..?”
  3. Eve   : “You pass!”
  4. Me    : “OMG!! really??!!! :o”
  5. Eve   : “hahaha yeah.. congratulation!”
  6. Me    : “Ahaha thank you, thank you. thank you!!” :’)

hahaha if you could see me that day, you’ll laugh ROTFL 😀 why? hahaha you don’t want even want to see it lol i was kidding! I looked like an idiot! hahaha