Acchi Kocchi (Best Funny Anime 2012)

okay so today I’m watching this Anime called “Atchi Kotchi (あっちこっち, English title “Place to Place”)” this anime is sooo freaking funny!! you must watch, YOU right there! yes you who read this, U MUST WATCH! okay i’m not trying to force you but try it, the humor might not get into some people, tho it’s really funny for me ^_^ even the first episode makes me burst in laugh, until the very end of their episode it’s all full of cuteness and comedy! this anime made a part A & B so there’s always part A ending then it’ll continue to part B and also there’s some sliding scene like short cut “going to school” “going to the mall” “playing” or bla bla bla something like that. The story plot is about romantic comedy, there’s a girl name “Tsumiki Miniwa” who’s in love with this guy “Io Otonashi” and she really embarrassed a lot! like really REALLY a lot.. this guy Io is a really sweet nice guy and he like to pat tsumiki head, soo cutee! and there’s mass of nosebleed in almost every part of the episodes, like when tsumiki saw Io did something really cool or cute or some awesome deep melting words she nosebleed also with her cute friend name “Hime Haruno” also really cute, she nosebleed a lot too, and Hime is the kinda of scaredy girl scared of lots of thing, and actually the one who make this anime is freakin’ funny is this 2 character name “Mayoi Katase” and “Sakaki Inui” both of them are epic! they are lazy they are funny, and they making those evil laugh and stupid plans xD oh and there’s another 5 support character, give it a try 🙂 you can watch episode 1 -2 in here and the rest you can watch in oh and they’re planning to make the second season so i’m still waiting for it! x)


when Io fell asleep and fall onto Tsumiki shoulder >///<

main character 🙂 “look at Hime nosebleed” xD rotfl

this is the evil grin i’m talking about xD

Tsumiki got cat-side inside her so the cat ear will always come out, kawaii desu ne ^_^


Rate : 5/5 ❤



Guilty Crown

Sooo heyyy few days haven’t blog, woo i got 4 views 🙂 well actually i don’t need tons of views cz i make this blog just for sharing something hehe..

well I’ve watched then Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン, Giruti Kuraun) and so far it’s a good anime and i LOOOVE the action so bad! so this anime is about Japan on 2039 who’ve been infected by a virus on christmas eve called “Apocalypse Virus” spread all over Japan and it happens on christmas so known as the “Lost Christmas” ya la because it happen on 25 Decemeber when everybody is celebrating christmas but then the chaos come so they lost their christmas (so sad T^T) and so here’s a guy called “Ouma Shu” he got some massive ability hidden that he can draw out some tools or weapons from another person called “voids” oh and if the voids are broken the person will die (Imagine if you can do those thing, if there’s someone who annoy you you can break their voids and they die in a second }:) *smirk*) hahahah JOKES! cannot kill people okay, that’s very bad! *wise word from Amanda* oh back to the anime, so Shu meet a girl name “Inori Yuzuriha” who will be Shu weapon “she is the BEST weapon and power if you watch at episode 20” Shu have a big sister name “Ouma Mana” she is the first found of the meteorite that had the “Apocalypse Virus”. She was infected by the virus and she started developing her powers. moreover just watch the Anime it’s pretty cool 🙂 it got 22 episodes in it, you can watch episode 1 – 7 in here and the episode 8 and + you can watch in Enjoy! 🙂


Rate :  4.6/5


Saddest anime ever :'(

so today i didn’t study lol xD hahaha slack a bit la, have no mood for studying too, so yeah maybe i should just do the things i used to do 2 years ago, i was an anime maniac back then haha, i stopped watching because i’m bored of watching anime everyday almost 24/7 i spent for those, I know i know.. but it’s really addicting! well let’s get back to the point.

So hahaha do you want to know which anime i just watched? okay.. *epic music play* *jeng jeng jeng jeeeennggg!!* it’s….. It’s Ano Hana!! 😀 “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。” omg! this anime is really sadistic! it makes me cry for every single episodes 😥 they got 11 episodes and well the  storyline was great, the voices of the characters are also great. So i just share 2 of the main characters name, 1st is “Meiko Menma” and the guy was “Jinta Yadomi” okay so the rest i won’t tell because if i tell you everything you’re not gonna watch it because you already hear the story haha sumimasen!~

Rate : 4.7/5 ❤

why? well 0.3 are some story plot and idk some inside the anime i don’t really like, but overall this anime is great! like soo great! trust me 🙂 and if you wanna watch you can google the title and well pick or others but don’t use or or, idk it doesn’t work for me :/ okay i’ll give you the first episode link well it works for some episodes but the 3rd episode and rest doesn’t work except episode 8, well just google it cz you’ll find for sure 😉 have a great time watching ^_^

some of the pictures xD




okay.. i think i should go back studying again :/ huft my whole 4 years life spent on studying alone how sad T_T but butttttt i’m going to watch this! hehee }:) will slack again a bit, but i will studying too, preparing for my O’ Level this 25! T^T





awesome rightttt???!!! xD i’m going to watch this tomorrow no matter what! huahahaha }:D

c ya guys next time 😉


Sooo excited!!

Sooo excited!!

So this is my face when it’s nearly school days! haha lol right? i know.. but it’s just sooo exciting! the feeling in your stomach, the goose bumps on your skin, the ecstatic feeling inside is like WOO! hahaha 7 days left ^_^y